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3 Easy-To-Do Home Improvement Projects That Won’t Break the Bank

You’re probably staying at home a lot more than ever before due to the current global health crisis. With no immediate end date in sight, you might also be thinking about different ways you can pass the time. Believe it or not, now is a fantastic time to work on a few home improvement projects — and we have a few tips to get you started.

Improving Your Home Can Be Easy!

Being stuck at home leaves most people itching for something to do. One way to be productive is to tackle some small home improvement projects! Even if you’re trying to conserve money during these trying times, these ideas are both inexpensive and easy to do.

Paint the Walls, Cabinets, and Even Floors

Painted Kitchen Cabinets, and other home improvement projects

Adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls is enough to improve any home, especially if you’re trying to change up a living room or a bedroom. You can also paint your kitchen cabinets to give your kitchen a splash of color.

If you have old, wooden floors or tile that need a new look, consider painting those as well. It can be a huge change, but it’s definitely worth it if your floors need something new. It’s also really easy to update when it wears down; all you have to do is paint again!

Install Easy Backsplashes in Your Kitchen

Kitchen Backsplash

A quick and easy way to take your kitchen up a notch is to add a backsplash. You can even get beautiful textured backsplashes that stick on—they’re both easy to install on your own and low-budget.

There are plenty to choose from, including tile, brick, or even just a nice patterned design. You can also coordinate your backsplash with those newly-painted cabinets!

Refinish Any Wooden Surfaces

Wooden Bathroom Cabinets

If you have any wooden doors or cabinets, you can actually refinish them yourself. Whether you choose to stain or paint them is up to you, but there are plenty of options regardless of which method you choose. Wooden surfaces, like cabinets, flooring, and furniture, add tons of charm to a home, and refinishing them can keep everything looking new.

This process can take a little more work than your average DIY project. You’ll have to sand down all of your surfaces before applying stain or paint; however, sanding is a process that requires time and effort—but not a lot of money.

Looking to Sell Your Home?

If you’re trying tackle some home improvement projects before you sell, we can help you navigate the process from start to finish! We know that times are uncertain due to the current pandemic, but we make it a priority to help our clients in every way possible. Contact the Nugent-Freeland Team if you’re ready to take the next steps or have any questions.

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