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First Impressions are Everything: 7 Tips for Effective Home Staging

You wouldn’t show up to a job interview disheveled and disorganized, would you? So why should your home be any different? After all, online photos and home tours are kind of like your home’s “interview” with potential buyers. If you want to increase your odds of finding a buyer who’s willing to pay your price, you want your home to look its best!

Here are 7 tips for effective home staging.

Clean First. Period.

cleaning first for effective home stagingOdds are, buyers aren’t going to be impressed with your home if all its good features are hiding under layers of dirt and dust. Before you think about staging, painting, or decorating, take some quality time to dust, vacuum, and scrub. It might be worth the cost to hire a professional cleaner.

Spend Some Time Outside

front of home decorated for effective home stagingTo get buyers inside, they’ve got to love the outside first. So take some time to make your outside look spectacular—mow your lawn, trim your hedges, and make sure your walkway is clear. You may also want to give some thought to powerwashing or even replacting your siding and roof.

Declutter and Depersonalize

tasteful living roomYou might love all your family photos and your unique collections of decor, but they can make it hard for a buyer to picture themselves and their lives in your home. And you might know where everything is in your “organized mess”, but clutter can make closets and even full rooms seem smaller (and messier). Take some time to pare down your personal belongings.

Create Space

half-empty closetWhile you’re decluttering and depersonalizing, you may also want to consider lightening up a bit on even larger belongings, such as furniture. Too much furniture can make a room feel smaller or more crowded. And you can easily make closets look bigger simply by removing about 20-30% of your clothing.

Avoid a “Vacant” Look

open and vacant homeBefore you purge your home of all your belongings, keep in mind that a clean but lived-in look is going to be the most homey and pleasant for touring buyers. Even if you’re moving out before your home has sold, try and keep at least some of your furniture in your home, even if it’s just to prevent your home from feeling stark and empty.

Replace Brights with Neutrals

repainting for effective home stagingYou might love your turquoise accent walls, but they could be unappealing to buyers. Instead, opt for light, neutral colors that are easy to match with any decor. Whites and beiges are usually a safe bet.

Let in the Light

bright lighting for effective home stagingWhen showing a home, especially on dreary winter days, it’s important to make sure your home has plenty of pleasant lighting. This serves the dual purpose of allowing buyers to fully see and appreciate your home, and making your home feel brighter and more cheerful. Natural lighting is best, so make sure you open curtains and blinds to allow rooms to fully experience the gift of sunlight.

Are You Selling Your NOLA Home?

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