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4 Fun Family Games to Play While You’re Stuck at Home

Are you stuck at home and tired of playing the same board games every night? Don’t worry—we have some new games to play that will entertain your entire household at once! 

Games for Everyone to Enjoy

People of all ages love games, and nothing is better than a game played with your loved ones. These fun activities are simple and can be played with things around the house—and with people of all ages!

Pass It On

Family of Five Together

If you’ve ever played Telephone, then you already know how to play Pass It On! This spin on the traditional Telephone game keeps it interesting, and you can even alternate between Pass It On and Telephone for longer-lasting fun.

Simply take a piece of paper and draw something, then hand it to the next person down the line. That person will see what you drew, draw it themselves, and hand it to the next person without letting them see the previous drawing. When the drawing gets back to the original artist, you can compare and go down the line to see how it changed!

To make this game a little more difficult for older kids, you can write words on slips of paper to randomly select what the first picture will be. 

Memory Games

Family Being Together to Play Games

Memory games are always fun, and there are tons of different ways you can play at home.

One way is to make it a guessing game. Gather items together and try to memorize everything you chose. Have someone in your household close their eyes (or use blindfolds for the really competitive folks) and take away a few of the items; see if the other people in your family can feel the remaining items and remember what you took away!

You can add even more (or complex) items to add difficulty to this specific memory game.

Talent Show

Family in Generations Together

Everyone loves talent shows, so why not put on one of your own? Having a family talent show is a great way to keep your household entertained for days, especially when everyone is stuck at home.

Pick a date to have a talent ready, and let everyone start practicing! This is a perfect game for everyone of all ages, and you’ll be able to celebrate your special abilities with your loved ones. You can even have a voting system and small awards for each winner.

If you want to up the difficulty, consider adding a theme to your talent show. This will also encourage more creativity!


Family of Four Walking Together

If you or anyone in your household like to build things, then you’ll love Towers—and you can even play in groups! The main point of this game is to build the highest tower in a minute using objects you’ve picked out, like fruit or books. The highest tower wins!

Another way to play is to build a specific object, like a bridge. This is a great way to entertain older kids as well.

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