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6 Tips for Staying Safe During Hurricane Season

The New Orleans area might not see storms with the frequency or intensity of other coastal areas, like Florida, but hurricane safety is definitely still very important here. Being prepared is the biggest key to keeping yourself, your family, your pets, and your property safe when a storm does hit.

Here are some simple hurricane safety tips to prepare you for hurricane season.

Right Now: Get Educated

reading up on hurricane safety tips

Take some time to review local hurricane emergency information, like evacuation routes and shelter locations. Find a safe spot in your own home—an inner room on the ground floor with no windows—where you can weather out the storm if you’re not evacuated. Signing up for warning systems like the Emergency Alert System or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is also strongly recommended.

Right Now: Get Prepared

preparing a first aid kit and other hurricane safety tips

Prepare an emergency disaster kit to keep in your home or car. This should contain food and water for at least three days, a first-aid kit, batteries and flashlights, and protective clothing. You will also want to include medication and any important documentation, though it might be better to wait on these until a storm warning or watch has been issued.

Before the Storm: Get Secure

securing windows and other hurricane safety tips

On a storm alert? It’s time to get ready. Bring in or tie down any outside objects, like lawn furniture. Board up your windows or close those storm shutters. Fill your car with gas and charge your phone. Turn your fridge and freezer to the coldest setting. And make a plan with friends and family for how you’ll stay in touch.

Before the Storm: Get Informed

Stay tuned in to local news stations, websites, or social media feeds so you know what’s happening in your area. Keep an eye out for evacuation notices. You should also keep a radio and extra batteries handy so you can stay connected if the power or internet go out.

During the Storm: Get Safe

staying safe during a hurricane

When the storm arrives, head to your safe room to wait it out. If your home begins to flood, climb to the highest level of the structure, avoiding attics or other windowless rooms, as you could become trapped if the flood waters rise.

Stay alert to emergency news. If told to evacuate, do so immediately. Do not ignore evacuation notices or drive around barricades.

After the Storm: Get Cleaned Up

cleaning up after a hurricane

The cleanup process can be just as dangerous as the storm if you’re not cautious. Always wear protective clothing and never work alone. Avoid wading in water, which may contain debris or hidden power lines. Always stay alert for additional instructions or information.

Remember to document any property damages with photos and contact your insurance company to get repairs started ASAP.

Ready to Beat the Hurricane Season in NOLA?

Hurricanes aside, the New Orleans metro area is a fantastic place to live! If you’re thinking of making the transition or buying a home in the area, then it’s time to contact the Nugent Freeland Team. We’re here to help you explore and find the perfect home.

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